today o the last day of the year I want you to present my complete Race Bike!!

WEIGHT 6,52 kg with bar ends, bottle cage… ;-)

I wish you all over the world a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

Thank you to:



Norbert Kostel,



Schmolke Carbon,

Ax Lightness,


Scott Europe,


DT Swiss

  1. Da wird soviel Aufwand und Geld in den gelungenen Aufbau gesteck und dann werden die Leitungen so lang gelassen.
    Das gibt von der Style-Polizei eine Verwarnung.

    • Tskubi
    • 31. Dezember 2011

    Superb, I like the clean look and attention to details… by the way what are those barends ? happy new year !

  2. lässiges bike
    gratuliere dir

    • Miki Herbst
    • 31. Dezember 2011

    eine unglaubliche Waffe!!!! viel Erfolg damit :)

  3. scott scale custom…muito dinheiro…mas são boas maquinas…

    • Benny
    • 4. Januar 2012

    Kannst du bitte eine Teileliste posten.
    Danke im voraus

    • Daniel Bahia
    • 7. Januar 2012

    I have already said at FB, but it is a masterpiece! Whatta nice bike!

    • Gatouille
    • 15. Januar 2012

    Beautiful ; best components ; very good job, 19/20.
    Near perfect : gold color of EggBeater are not in line with the bike, and hose are too long on front of the bike.

  4. Lesenswerter neuer Post! Ich werde da nochmal versuchen mehr zu erfahren!

  5. nice work!!!! we put it on our webpage…. thousands of accesses!!!!!! ;)

    • gerald
    • 25. März 2012

    after some ride can you say me what do you think about acros transmission thanks

    PS : awesome bike

  6. Schönes Bike! Bei den geilen Parts ist das Gewicht keine Überraschung mehr aber trotzdem Hut ab. Die Leitungen ahst du hoffentlich schon gekürzt.

    • Natalie
    • 1. August 2012

    Super! Could you do your custom Scott Scale SL bikes and sell it? I’ll be glad to buy it!

  7. Hey Emanuel, Very very nice bike. Think we have something in common.

    I am looking at your front derailleur and see it sitting fairly high off the chainring. Is front shifting working well for you. I ask because I have a Scott RC 900 29er with Acros. I just tried putting it on 2 minutes ago and see this high spacing. Can’t go any lower due to the frame widening out for the bb92. Maybe you have found a way to get it closer since your post or haven’t found the need.

    I’m not much for posting on the net but my current race build is:
    Satin Black Scott Scale RC 900 with deleted decals, Acros, Kilo No. 1, Extralite tapered 2 headset, grips, UL3 stem, 2x chainrings, bolts and CarboCamber 29er wheelset, Tubeless Michelin Wild Racers, Schmolke bars and seatpost, Mt. Zoom seat clamp, Teknologika flow saddle, XTR M980 10spd cassette, Token skewers, Formula R1 brakes, Lightning crankset and bb., Eggbeater 11s. Think I will be sitting at just under 16.5 lbs.

  8. I actually found a 23mm back plate solves my problem of a high derailleur. Drops the cage down to 1mm off the rings.

  9. Right now it sounds like Movable Type is the top blogging platform
    available right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

  1. 5. Januar 2012
  2. 10. Januar 2012
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  4. 3. Februar 2012

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